UPDATE Bret Michaels’ Expected to Make Full Recovery and Dad Wally Speaks Out

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WPXI.com, a online source in Pittburgh, PA, near Bret Michaels’ old hometown,  is reporting that doctors expect Bret Michaels to make a full recovery.

Bret Micheals, current contestant on The Apprentice , strolls up to the CW studios for an appearance on the WPIX morning show

Wally Sychak, father of Bret Michaels, spoke to Radar Online this weekend. Sychak said Michaels was in critical condition and his tour manager, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his two daughters Kristi Lynn Gibson, and his two daughters were by his side. It’s nice to see that the family is by his side, especially the mother of his girls.

Sychak also revealed that he had spoken with his son on the phone. “I talked to him this morning,” Sychak said. “He sounded upbeat and positive but they had him sedated … But he’s doing good. He sounded like my son.”

Sychak reiterated that more tests were being done to figure the cause of Michaels’ brain hemorrhage.

“We’re all keeping our fingers crossed and saying our prayers.” Sychak said. “He just needs to be quiet now and get rested.” Keeping his fingers crossed!  He should be by his son’s side.

Michaels’ family lives in Mechanicsburg, PA, a small town near Pittsburgh, PA. The hospital location has not been mentioned. It must not be in Pittburgh, or his father could have possibly been at the hospital. But isn’t it strange that his father didn’t fly to see his son? The situation is critical enough that you think parents would want to be by his side.

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