Update: Did the Undertaker Taker die on WWE smackdown? He is hurt.

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One of the hottest trends right now is about the death of the WWE Undertaker. Is the death of the  Undertaker news or is it hype? The job of the Undertaker is to better the world of wrestling. 

We willl nevr lose the Undertaker.  Oh pray not. News of the Undertakers death has hit the worldwide web but we have no official news of his death.  The Undertaker is Mark William Callawy.  Born on March 24, 1965 he is a fairly young man.  

Fans are upset as the rumor is just that right now, but it is going viral that he is really dead but we have no official word on whether the Undertaker, Mark William Callaway is dead, so assume he is alive.

To the fans of the Undertaker, I will update this article as soon as I know, for to lose the Undertaker is to lose a great man, a great entertainer, and another rumor on the Internet goes viral. 

Long live the Undertaker!




WWE - Wrestlemania - Michaels Vs Undertaker

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