UPDATE: Healthcare Vote: HISTORIC HEALTHCARE BILL PASSES – President Obama Signs Today!!!

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UPDATE: The much debated, long-anguished historic healthcare bill finally passed the US House this evening and will be signed into law by President Barack Obama by Tuesday. It passed by a vote of 219-210, as expected on a straight party line with all Republicans opposing it.

The bill not only puts strict new limits in place on insurance companies and prevents them from precluding coverage based on prior conditions, it also dramatically expands Medicare while putting in place a tax subsidy system to help the lower income and senior pay the premiums for the new plans.

The contentious issue of abortion, which had been threatening to derail the bill all the way through Sunday, was finally put to rest by individual negotiations by the Democratic leadership, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in particular, and then later in the afternoon the White House agreeing to an executive order preventing federal funding for elective procedures to appease Rep. Bart Stupak and his group of anti-abortion holdouts.


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