Update on Friday Writing Essential for Mar 30, 2012

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Just wanted to let everyone know I won’t be coming online this Friday to do the prompt and/or read prompt responses from last week. This gives you an extra week to get your responses in! Here‘s the prompt from last week.

My grandpa has had a series of strokes over the past two weeks, and is steadily going downhill. He’s gotten to the point where the temporary care facility he’s in can’t help him as much anymore, and they’ve asked that the family be with him 24 hours a day until we’re able to move him. He doesn’t trust people he doesn’t know and wakes up every three to five minutes, asking where he is and who everyone else is. He gets angry and aggressive when he doesn’t know the people. So, we’re taking turns being with him over night. There aren’t much of us to go around, and my husband and I have Thursday night through Saturday morning. We’ll cat nap where and when we can.

This has been really difficult for all of us–to watch a perfectly healthy man go downhill so quickly. Before, he was walking five miles a day.  Now he can’t even stand. Sigh.

Thank you for your patience, and until next week.

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