Update on Missing woman

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The woman that has been missing for over 2 weeks is still missing. A man used her ATM card 3 days in a row. He was all covered so you couldn't see his face, hair or eyes as he had goggles on. He also was wearing gloves so as not to leave any finger prints. Now had he been dressed like this where the weather is freezing, there would have been no questions asked, but he is in FLORIDA, and it wasn't cold out.

The church that Cheryl belongs to has held prayer meetings, people went out to spread her picture and info around. The Sheriffs departments from 3 counties worked together with the citizens to do a search. They used horses, ATVs, went in swampy areas searching for her.

It is so sad that someone would do something like this, but here it is CHRISTMAS time! Please pray that if she is still alive, they will find her soon. And if she has been killed that they would find her body so that her family can have her back. 

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