******Update on our Dear Friend Jules (Gather Essentials Editor) ******


I hadn’t heard from Jules in awhile. I decided to give her a call and found out she got out of the hospital last night.  I was shocked to hear this sad news.

Jules who is loving life again

Jules told me what happened.  She said she was waiting for the bus to go to a doctors appointment. She was standing there for a long time. Suddenly her legs went numb. Her legs gave out from underneath her and she collapsed.  She went face first down and was badly injured.  She was transported to a Hospital in St. Louis. She was released last night after a 6 day stay.


She suffered  facial damage and is in a lot of pain. She broke both of her cheekbones as well as other injuries. She wasn’t able to talk very long to me and needed to rest. She wanted everyone to know why she hasn’t been on Gather. Please pray for Jules for a good and complete recovery… and for all the needs she has right now.


Thank you all ever so much.

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