UPDATE:Dancing With The Stars 2010 Lineup Revealed During ‘The Bachelor’ Finale (FULL LIST)

Dancing With The Stars 2010 lineup update: Announced Monday night during The Bachelor.

Nicole Scherzinger – Pussycat Dolls

Chad (Ochocinco)Johnson – wide receiver Cincinnati Bengals

Lindsey Vonn – Olympic gold medalist in downhill ski

Kate Gosselin – Jon & Kate Plus 8

Pam Anderson – Baywatch, Playboy

Aiden Turner – All My Children soap opera

Shannon Doherty – Beverly Hills 90210

Buzz Aldrin – astronaut

Evan Lysacek – Olympic gold medal in men’s figure skating 2010

Erin Andrews – ESPN reporter (video taped through peephole)

Niecey Nash – Reno 911

Jake Pavelka – The Bachelor 2010


Who will be in the star-studded line up for this season’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’?  Find out tonight on ABC during the finale of The Bachelor at 8pm EST. 

Rumors have been tossed around that we could see Kate Plus 8’s Kate Gosselin take on the dancing challenge.  I don’t know how I feel about another reality show starring Kate Gosselin!  Apparently KEARTH 101 radio reported Kate being seen at the Beverly Wilshire Four Season Hotel practicing her “dance moves”.

What about Olympic bronze halfpipe medalist Scotty Lago?  Is it too late to squeeze him in on the show this season?  Rumors have gone around that Scotty has been approached about participating on Dancing With The Stars but nothing was specific as for what season he could possibly appear on if he accepts.

‘Dancing With The Stars’ season 10 will premiere on March 22, 2010 on ABC.

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