Upside Down

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Upside Down

these words expound on my perplexity with Love

they cannot assuage the agony suffered at her hand

I’m a garment tattered, torn, and worn in my indignity -

but once I loved – braved the likelihood of haunting ache

believing ’twould all be well in Love

But Love took what I gave and cast it all away

to be trod upon by passers-by

they did not see or comprehend its value or its verity

unknowing ‘twas all I had I had given Love

they trampled on my everything -

had I chosen wrong?

I was ill-informed that Love was true

from then, I hid my life away

locked up the tender parts of me

afraid to trust again – much less, to love -

a life of loneliness preferred

to hurt endured when trusting lent -

so since I’ve lived safe and secure in my loneliness –

or such I thought

then, like a meteor from heaven’s night,

she upended my sole sanctity -

all I thought my life-long since Love cast me aside -

my credo carved in stoic stone before, but now be-daft

in face of all I felt in one single moment of our meeting

now, what was up is down – what’s in is out – fore is aft -

suddenly, like a traveler in a foreign land

I marvel at all I see and sense -

“A conundrum” I laughed –

now, all I knew with surety in my righteous resignation

is cast away in one heady, heaving heartbeat -

the Love I prayed I’d find is mine

she’s all I know and love, believe and breathe -

she is my cause; the colors I bear -

my country I will love to my final breath

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