US Economy 2012: Team Obama vs. Congress in Fourth Quarter Game Plan

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In a final hour of the US economy 2012 game of political basketball, two opposing teams are going to once again take the court: Blue Team Obama, with his Democratically-controlled Senate and the red GOP House players, led by John Boehner.

According to the LA Times, who said it quite succinctly, “After months of trading blame from afar,” the two teams will now “trade blame and criticism in public, more politely.”

You can bet it is all for political show for the American citizens who Obama fears will either vote the president out of office for his inefficiency, or will give him four more years to squander more taxpayer dollars—as long as he lets some of them marry gay partners and keep killing the unborn, of course.

Votes have their price, you know, just like game tickets.

US-ELECTIONS-OBAMAWhile Congress is literally split down the middle this year, with the Dems controlling the Senate and the Republican’s controlling the House, that wasn’t the case for the first two years of the commander in chief’s presidency. So how did his team do then?

Obama and the Democrats ruled undaunted for the first two years the president was in office. So one would have expected great feats of accomplishment, right? Score right after score, so to speak. So what did they accomplish before they were able to start blaming the Republican Party for their last two years of failures?

Not much. They say they ensured the American public adequate health care for everyone. So they say that’s score one.

That score isn’t official, however, as some fans in the stands called a great big foul on that and the ref (US Supreme Court) is still deciding.

So what has been accomplished since the Congress has been divided the past two years?

Probably the most important success realized is the fact that the country deficit has not grown as worse as it would have if Republicans had not gained control of the House (due to taxpayer ire at the Dems about Obamacare).

The Democratic Party was on a roll and debt began to mount into the trillions with Team Obama controlling the White House and both houses of Congress in the administration’s early days. In fact, the sky was the limit…or China, since they essentially control the greater debt of the US right now.

Score one for the Republicans for reining that debt back within limits.

In addition, when John Boehner replaced Nancy Pelosi it seemed to calm down a lot of the rhetoric the public had to endure each week each time one side didn’t give the other what they wanted on the court.

That doesn’t speak too well for the drive to put women in office, thought, does it? Oh, well, Pelosi is probably the exception to the rule. There’s always at least one rogue player, eh?

No doubt a lot of sneaky bill-pushing and late-hour deals behind taxpayer backs were scrapped as well in Season 2 of the administration, when Pelosi and Reed got the taxpayer boot, but as they say in a court of law that’s “circumstantial.”

Still, America scored two points for the GOP, and off the court Reed and Pelosi went.

This new final hour game show is being billed as none other than “Legislative solutions to the sluggish economy.”

Sluggish economy? Isn’t it more like hanging on by a thread?

A penalty shot for Team Obama.

No wonder America isn’t seeing any successful resolution to the economic woes that still have us with high unemployment rates that equal the previous administration–wasn’t Obama supposed to make it better?, and job losses (1.3 million) instead of job creation.

Obama didn’t campaign on losing jobs that Bush created did he? He campaigned on creating more jobs, right? So why did he start dribbling backwards down the court?

The ref calls a foul.

As Team Obama gear up today to try and visually smack around their GOP House opponents in the final hour of this political game, that ought to tell the taxpayer voter siting in the stands that—for the past four years—that’s all this political time in office has been for the man running their American country: Just a ball game.

And as the buzzer goes off in November the winning team will be the taxpayers if they clear the court and start all over with a new team in the White House and Senate. Suit up voters. You’re “in” and it’s game on. Grab that ball.

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