US Officials Apologize Profusely for Disposal of Korans

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U.S. Defense and White House officials profusely apologized for the burning of copies of the Koran that took place at Bagram airbase earlier this week. Peter Lavoy, acting assistant secretary of defense for Asia and Pacific Security Affairs, said “I know apologies are never enough and do not erase this incident. I regret and apologize for this incident…such an incident will never happen again.” Gen. John R. Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan also apologized, stating that the Isl?mic holy books were improperly disposed of, according to the Washington Post. Pentagon press secretary George Little said that Savoy’s apology “was part of a broad effort by the administration to defuse the controversy.” President Barack Obama has also expressed regret over the improper disposal of the holy books.

The Koran by killkudzuThe Koran burning sparked anti-western riots where a UN mission was attacked, reportedly killing 14 people in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif, the capital of the northern province of Balkh. Other sources say that 20 people perished, including two US Soldiers. Still, the riots continue. Mauri Saalakhan head of the “Peace Thru Justice Foundation” heard Lavoy’s apology, and said it is helpful, but insufficient.

It is appropriate to apologize, as the Koran burning is clearly not going to be popular with devout muslims. However, are the apologies excessive? They are not stopping the riots and the burning of the holy books pales in comparison to the killings, which was not mentioned by the US Officials, who should be condemning this horrible act of violence.

Charles Krauthammer said that an apology from “the commander on the ground” would have been enough. He said, “we have gone from apology here to abject self-debasement and groveling. And groveling to whom? To the mob.” He continues by stating that “nobody asked the Islamic Conference, a grouping of the 56 Islamic countries, to issue an apology when Christians are attacked and churches are burned in Egypt or in Pakistan. And had we heard a word from any Islamic leader anywhere about the radical Muslims in Nigeria who are not only burning the churches, but burning women and children who are in the churches, when I hear that, I’ll expect my president to start issuing apologies.”

With the Arab spring has come a “religious cleansing” in the Muslim world. President Barack Obama and his administration, as well as the mainstream media, have been weirdly silent over the ongoing church attacks and murders of Christians.

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