USA Network’s ‘Covert Affairs’: 02×15: ‘What’s The Frequency Kenneth’ Episode Recap

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On tonight’s exciting new episode of the USA Network espionage drama Covert Affairs, Annie Walker’s (Piper Perabo) loyalty to the CIA is tested when a British intelligence agent, named Kenneth Martin from MI-6, tries to recruit her.

Ken asks Annie to use her Smithsonian job to learn more about an art restorer named Bickery. Kenneth suspects that Bickery is up to something, but he’s not sure what. At first, it just seems like Bickery is restoring a Rodin sculpture, but Annie doesn’t give up.

Joan (Kari Machett) tells Annie to accept Ken’s offer and work for both MI-6 and the CIA for this mission because she wants to find out what Bickery is up to as badly as Ken does.

Perhaps the show’s writers and producers were giving a nod to J.J. Abrams’s Alias by making Annie a temporary double agent? Whatever the reason for it, Annie’s double
agent status made this episode of Covert Affairs more interesting. It was nice to see that Annie can be more forthcoming about her job to her sister now, too.

Annie breaks into the art studio at the Smithsonian with Ken a couple of times. They both begin to suspect that Bickery is building a bomb. The second time Annie and Ken break into the studio, they get caught by Bickery’s men and put in the trunk of a stolen car.

While they are in the trunk, Ken tells Annie that his mission wasn’t sanctioned by MI-6. Annie and Ken use their combined spy skills to escape captivity. Annie tells Ken that she works for the CIA and takes him to Langley headquarters.

After talking with her sister Danielle (Anne Dudek) about her marital problems, Annie figures out that Bikery is actually trying to smuggle a suspected terrorist out of the U.S.

Meanwhile, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) is concerned about his relationship with Parker (Devin Kelley) as she prepares to leave for The Peace Corp. Auggie gets a broken heart for his trouble, because Parker breaks up with him. Yet another failed relationship for Auggie just serves as further proof to fans that he belongs with Annie.

Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy) plays golf with his father. Jai doubts his dad’s motives when he encourages him to pursue a dormant operation in Bolivia. But he takes his dad’s advice, and two agents are taken captive as a result.

Arthur (Peter Gallagher) calls in a favor and gets the agents rescued, but he lets Jai take the credit, although it’s unclear why.

Don’t miss next week’s season finale, Tuesday at 10pm/9c on USA when Annie finally realizes that she has feelings for Auggie. Well it’s about time!

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