USDA and NAACP Share Laughs Over the Withholding of Aide for a White Farmer, Is It Racism? (Shocking Video)

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If a black USDA official is assigned a client to work with in order to save the white farmer’s farm, chooses not to help him, laughs about it in front of an audience of black people is it racism?  Isn’t there something wrong about blacks screaming about racism while being racist themselves?

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was previously the governor of Iowa.  In the state of Iowa, Vilsack was very much interested in ensuring rights to all individuals.  Iowa was and still is a state that welcomed diverse populations to its cities and towns.  That is why it does not surprise me that he made a statement about this particular incident.

The incident is of a black female USDA official who decided that the white farmer looking for much needed help was trying to prove to her that he was superior to her.  Now this surprises me as this man was walking into this office to beg for help to save his bankrupted farm.  She developed an attitude, by her own statements, and determined that he was not going to receive the full resources available to him to save the farm.

Vilsack stated that “there is zero tolerance for discrimination at USDA and I strongly condemn any act of discrimination against any person”.  The black USDA official, Shirley Sherrod was terminated.  The NAACP audience that has been taped laughing as Sherrod regaled them with her story gives credence to the belief that there is racism on all sides.  It certainly changes the NAACp’s position and resolution against racist elements of the Tea Party.  They should write a resolution against their own racist elements.

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