Usher 911 Call: Was Singer in Fear?

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Audio of an Usher 911 call was released today by TMZ. As it turns out, having groupies isn’t as awesome at it seems–in fact, it can be downright scary!

The R&B singer personally called 911 after spotting through his security camera a young woman waiting at his front door. He explained to the emergency operator that she had dropped by earlier in the day when he wasn’t around. She was let in the digs after she was mistakenly thought to be an acquaintance who knew someone inside the home; however, police were called to escort her away once it was realized that she was actually a stalker. The woman was persistent though, not to mention “delusional” as Usher put it, since she showed up a second time. Unfortunately a gated community isn’t always enough to keep a millionaire safe. As far as he knows, she coud be a long-time “visitor.”

Throughout the five-minute 911 call, Usher spoke quietly and sounded in distress. Perhaps he was in fear that the crazed fan would hear him, or maybe he was concerned that he’d scare someone in his home. (He told the operator there were two children and three adults present.) Either way, his reaction was reasonable. Though he’s a celebrity, his house is his sanctuary where he has every right to feel safe and sound.

Hopefully tonight Usher will have peace and quiet–without an unknown pair of eyes watching him or his home.

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