Usher Admits to Kissing Rihanna

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Usher had admitted to kissing Rihanna, but she’s not one of the multiple women he’s seeing right now.

The R&B star is such a player that he can lock lips with a lovely lady like RiRi without falling for her. In fact, he views the “You da One” singer more like a female relative than an irresistible sexpot worth pursuing.

According to Digital Spy, this is what he had to say about kissing the beauty from Barbados: “She’s beautiful. But she’s not necessarily on my hit list – she’s like my sister right now. Or cousin – we have kissed.” That’s quite an odd statement – most guys wouldn’t want to make out with their sister or cousin. But maybe Usher’s trying to say that he realized that there was no romance with Rihanna after he kissed her. Perhaps sparks didn’t fly, or maybe she just didn’t make him say “OMG.”

Whatever the case, RiRi might be better off with another guy who is looking for something a little more serious – right now it sounds like Mr. Raymond is really enjoying playing the field. Here’s what he had to say about his romantic conquests: “Companionship is important – every man should have a woman to make him better. I’m dating at the moment – not anyone in particular, but I have a few people I’m interested in.” So since it sounds like Usher is trying to juggle more than one woman, hopefully each lady in his life right now is well aware that they aren’t the only one spending some quality time with him.

And while it might not be fair to the ladies being juggled, it’s not hard to see why the singer isn’t trying to settle down – he’s in a custody battle ex-wife Tameka Foster, and she’s been trying to get him to submit to a drug test in an attempt to prove that he’s a bad, pill-popping dad. So when that kind of drama comes along with a serious relationship, what guy would want another one?

So what do you think of Usher’s current situation – is it wrong for him to date multiple women at once, and is he crazy for not pursuing something serious with Rihanna?

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