Usher’s Son in Hospital After Accident in Pool

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In an unfortunate accident, Usher’s five-year-old son nearly drowned in the swimming pool at the singer’s home. The child, named Usher Raymond V, is now in the ICU at an Atlanta area hospital. No matter how careful a parent or other caretaker is, accidental drownings can happen to anyone. Especially during the summer when temperatures soar, and playing in the water extends to beaches, rivers and lakes, where conditions often catch swimmers by surprise.

The report states that the boy was playing in the pool with his aunt when he noticed a toy was stuck in a pool drain. He dove down to retrieve it, but got his arm stuck. His aunt attempted to free him, as well as another member of the household. When neither were successful, a couple of audio visual contractors working in the house rushed out to help, freeing him from the drain and immediately starting CPR. According to TMZ, the boy was conscious, alert, and breathing when he was rushed to the hospital in the ambulance. Clearly the boy was a decent swimmer, since he was confident enough to dive down in the pool after the toy. Although Usher’s son is still in the hospital, it looks hopeful that he’ll make a full recovery since he was awake after the accident.

The boy’s older half brother died last July after an accident involving a jet ski and the inner tube he was riding at the time. This family has had enough tragedy, and this is sure to refresh that not too distant grief. It is hoped that the boy will be back on his feet soon, and that this doesn’t stop him from enjoying swimming, but gives him a bigger sense of caution.

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