Using Sexy British Accent, Justin Bieber Gives Fan Flowers During ‘My World Tour’ (Video)

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Justin Bieber launched his long-awaited My World Tour last March 4, with a controversial karate kick in Birmingham, England.

While the teen dream’s onstage behavior may have upset some members of the American media, the Brits seem overjoyed to have the Never Say Never guy performing on their shores. They don’t even seem to mind his appropriation of their accent.

According to Justin Bieber Zone, the global pop phenomenon is not only taking Britain by storm, but he’s also doing it in a British accent. 

“I thought…that maybe…I would try out my English accent,” the Biebs informed the screaming crowds in his introduction to One Less Lonely Girl–which, of course, made the screams intensify to the point of almost drowning out his next words:

“Do you think that my English accent’s alright? You think…do you think that I sound pretty well, right?”

After which, it was pretty much impossible to hear anything until the music started, and the Biebs went into his number. 

Speaking of the number, the second high point of the evening came when a remarkably composed belieber was singled out from the audience, to ascend the stage and view her idol’s performance, up close and personal.

For the duration of the song, the unidentified fan had literally the best seat in the house, as Justin Bieber not only sang to her, but he also gifted her with an exquisite One Less Lonely Girl bouquet of red roses.

The lucky girl will no doubt keep those roses until her dying day. Or not. Perhaps she’ll auction them off on eBay. 

Note:  It is interesting that while crooning One Less Lonely Girl to the attractive and–for the time being–no longer lonely female fan, Justin gets close to her, gives her roses, touches her, and almost kisses her. Almost, but not quite. 

Do you think he was he thinking of Selena Gomez?

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