USPS A Plan To Stay Afloat: Whoa It Is Drastic!

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The United States Postal Service is deeply in debt, and expects to reach its debt limit of $15 billion sometime next year. The USPS is essentially forced to run itself like a regular corporation.

However, the USPS has been struggling to keep up with the rapid changes in message delivery. The Postmaster General has lots of ideas about eliminating Saturday delivery, raising the cost of stamps, and closing down smaller branches, which may help, but the help will take a while to happen.

The Postal Service is somewhat strange in that it is an “independent establishment” of the government of the United States of America. However, the USPS must follow certain rules, and those rules are basically causing the USPS to lose money. They have a CEO and a board, and they report like other public business. However, US law says that the Postal Service must deliver mail to every address in America while keeping prices affordable. The prices are so low that they are below actual cost.

Also, the USPS cannot lay off workers or close offices that are losing money. To make any major change, the USPS need to get permission from Congress.

The world of the internet has caused mail delivery to decline. The USPS expects its mail volume to go down by at least 15% in the next decade. The US has about 37,000 post offices. This number is just about three times more than the number of McDonald’s in America.

An average post office will only serve around 600 customers each week, which is not enough customers to keep it in business.

One radical idea I read to change the USPS in order to keep it afloat is the deliver mail every other day. What do you think about this? It may work. I love getting the mail, but I think I could get it every other day. Of course, this will require pretty big adjustments, but we could do it.

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