USPS Post Office hours April 15 & Post office locator by Zip code

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With taxes officially due Thursday, many last minute filers are wondering the Post office hours April 15, 2010 as well as the nearest Post office location to them.  If you’re scrambling to get taxes mailed out on time, you may be in luck because you’ll find there are post offices with extended hours April 15.  Unfortunately it’s not every nearby post office to you.  You can use the post office locator by zip code to determine where you might need to go.

USPS Post offices will offer extended post office hours on April 15th for tax payers to make sure they get those tax forms properly postmarked.  They have even provided a downloadable spreadsheet (EXCEL format) of post office locations which offer extended hours.  There’s 63 post offices listed on their spreadsheet with many remaining open until midnight tonight.  A few others will be closed at 8PM or 9PM.  It doesn’t appear that every state has a close-by option for their post office.  Many listings are given for PA, NY, OH and other major cities around the US.

Post offices generally keep business hours that vary by location.  Some are open as early as 7:30 AM, while others are open at 8 or 9 AM.  They typically close around 4 or 5PM at night.  Post offices are usually open on Saturdays for anywhere from 2 to 5 hours, in the morning to early afternoon.  Nearly every post office across the country is closed on Sundays.  You’ll want to use the tool below to find out the particular post office hours near you, or the spreadsheet mentioned above for tax day.

If you’re trying to find the nearest post office location to you, you’ll want to use the websites search.  The Post Office White pages USPS provides here has a post office locator by street address, city and/or zip code.  You can search for Post office locations, collection boxes, and automated postal centers as well.  Check the USPS locator  here.

Good luck getting those taxes mailed in on time!

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