Ustream Decorah Eagle Cam: Bald Eagles Nest Shrinking? Day 12 (Live Stream)

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On Day 12, the Ustream Decorah Eagle Cam showed viewers a shrinking birdÂ’s nest for the Iowa raptors. Or perhaps the bald eagles are getting bigger in real time?

The tiny little birdies are not so tiny anymore. The three little eaglets should be fortunate that they have a hardworking father to bring home the bacon. In this case the bacon is in the form of muskrat, fish, squirrel, trout, crow, and rabbit.

For mama bald eagle, she is fortunate that she has a great husband that works round-the-clock to provide security at the nest site they call home.

When an annoying screech owl came intent on causing grief for the parents, dad did a great job of keeping them all safe as well. Go dad!

The Ustream Decorah Eagle Cam once showed a large nest. But that was before April 2, the date E1 was born. Since then, E2 and E3 have come along. And boy, they are putting on the pounds and inches.

Now, the birds’ nest at Eagle Manor looks like it’s melting, melting, melting (wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz). With a steady supply of food that dad brings in for the family, everyone is well-fed, but the parents are having a hard time falling asleep.

If you have kids, can you recall how the little ones kept you up all night long? Remember having to get up and warm a bottle every 2 hours (or less)?

But the parents appear to enjoy the task of raising a brood of happy and healthy eaglets.

Thanks to the Ustream Decorah Eagle Cam, birdwatching in a nest has never been better. With the fine work the Raptor Resource Project is doing, millions of viewers have found their happy place, of all places, among bald eagles.

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