V for Victory – A New Campaign

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The V campaign is sweeping the internet telling American citizens to “be the resistance,” speaking mostly to the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) whose main objective is to keep Americans dependent on “big brother”.

It is truly disturbing to think of the different societies that have thought exactly the same as America is now. Try Hitler era Germany or Stalin era Russia. They, too, fed their people stories about a common enemy that will destroy their way of life and ran mass propaganda campaigns revolving round terror.

What these “terror” campaigns did is convince the mass public to fear this common threat so vehemently that they would turn on each other, hoping to eradicate the perceived “enemy of the common good.”

V talks about how today’s technology, available to the DHS and the military, make it easier to keep the public confused and in fear than in past instances.

In the past, when a country was being oppressed and controlled, the public could see and hear their capture. In the world of satellites, the internet and body scanners, “big brother” can control the American public remotely and spread the propaganda disguised as relevant news; and most people wouldn’t even know it.

The V campaign has many fliers available and is even offering a video making contest. You can see more about that here. This post is not a side on this topic rather a news story on a topic that haunts the shadows of our subconscious. We all want to be free, because that was what America was built on. In conclusion, Benjamin Franklin said, “A man that would trade freedom for security deserves neither.”

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