Vacation Time

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Long awaited, vacation is finally over. No, I don’t pre-announce on the internet exactly when I would be away from home! This seemed like a tough year to find a bargain within the budget. Spring Breaks and a late Easter didn’t help either. Close to a decision with last minute shopping then found package prices had increased $300-400! Playing the waiting game was not beneficial this year.

The criteria was simple…..sun, sand, and beach. Finally, it looked like Florida was having an above average Spring, equivalent to those more exotic destinations. Desperate and quick on a Saturday morning, up popped the travel arrangements I was looking for, providing more days in the sun and still within the budget. Cheap flights. Closing the deal was finding rental cars had dropped to $68/wk! Both were booked with a smile.

The trip was excellent, with temps absolutely perfect, ranging from 89-94. Never had to use the room AC for that, or the car AC either. Gulf waters were 80-84. Nice. Roaming included Ft. Myers Beach, Sannibel Island Beach, Venice Beach, Nokomis Beach, and the whitest quartz sand in the world….Siesta Beach.

No phone, no computer, no problem. Just a chair, towel, and a cooler full of beer. Now that’s a beach vacation. A few pictures will be posted soon.

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