Vaginal Tightening Gel Goes on Sale in India (Video)

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Talk about medical progress. There’s hope for women who want to regain the sensation of being a virgin again. A drug manufacturer in India has introduced a vaginal tightening gel called “18 Again” and produced a weird commercial to promote it.

The topic is covered by The Young Turks network and their opinions can pretty much be guessed. The woman, Ana Kasparian, scoffs at the concept, while male host Cenk Uygur pretends to go along. But near the end of the piece, his rolling eyes tell the real story.

It’s all about a new medical product being sold in India which claims to tighten a woman’s vagina in order to reproduce the experience and sensation of having an unbroken hymen. Sounds goofy, right?

The commercial for the product is skimpy on details, but it’s the setting which causes the most consternation. In it, a woman dances in her home, presumably with her husband, in front of family members, including what look to be her grandparents.

The cause for all the newfound joy is a topical vaginal tightening gel. As the man and woman dance around the house, she proclaims she feels “18 again” and that she’s “like a virgin” once more. Who knew Madonna was psychic?

At the end of the spot, Grandma and Grandpa go to the website listed, both with gleaming eyes. So it seems this product is not just for the younger generation.

The Young Turks are suitably disdainful of course. But Uygur looks at least intrigued. The real point is, does it work? And, will women buy it? Who is it really for, anyway?

It seems this may be a product that’s surreptitiously for men. How long until it’s marketed in the US and Europe? Is it dangerous?

At least Grandma and Grandpa don’t seem to think so.

Ain’t love grand?

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Can this possibly work? Can women regain the sensation of virginity? Or is this really for men?

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