Valentines 2011 Revisited

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Ok, so the night has drawn to close, the roses starting to share its sweet fragrance. Another box of chocolates shared, a dinner digested, kisses shared and romance its taste so delicious.

Don’t let this moment of joy and bliss be consumed by the 15th of the month. Keep the feeling alive, the passion alert, the love at high levels.
We should never live by the calendar or any day of the week alter our motives.
Our spirit, our soul should be alive and active every day.
86,400 seconds will be reset at midnight tonight, what plans do you have to keep this feeling alive.
Will the day control you or will you control the day.
Will your mood be that of joy and opportunity or will it become part of the routine gently passed down from another.
Your choice, choose wisely.
Believe in you and open the window of dreams.
Believe in you and open the door of wishes.
Believe in you and take the step to a brighter today.
Smiles to you today and everyday
Make a Difference, Share a smile, create a moment for those around you.

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