Valentine’s Day Gifts – Top Ten Gifts Men REALLY Want!

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Valentine’s Day gifts and Valentine’s Day cards are not just for women!  Men enjoy receiving Valentine’s Day gifts, too.  Top ten Valentine’s Day gifts men really, really want, and don’t forget that Valentine’s Day cards are appreciated too!

  1. A card.  Humorous or seriously romantic, there’s a card on the shelves that’s perfect for him.
  2. Alone time with you!
  3. Flowers.  Men appreciate beauty.  He’s got you, right?  A single rose would be perfect.
  4. Romantic encounter with you!
  5. Food.  Guys like chocolate, too.  Beef jerky is even better.
  6. Amorous interlude with you!
  7. Cologne.  Nothing overpowering, a little musk is nice.
  8. Romantic toys and accessories!
  9. Games.  How about a board game the two of you can play together?  A nice chess set or even Yahtzee.  Challenge each other, cheat a little.
  10. Escape!  When’s the last time you kidnapped him?  Yep, kidnap him, take him on a surprise getaway, and play games with him.  Enjoy each other!

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