Valentine’s Day Gifts – Top Ten Gifts Women REALLY Want!

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Valentine’s Day Gifts – the holiday for giving Valentines Day cards and Valentines Day gifts.  Check out these top ten Valentine’s Day gifts for women, don’t forget the Valentine’s Day cards!  Give your Valentine gifts she really wants on Valentine’s Day if you want to make a super Cupid impression on your sexy partner. Love is in the air!

  1. A card.  The more romantic, more glittery, more wordy the better.  She’s been wanting you to say all those sappy things, so here’s your chance to let a card do it for you.
  2. Flowers.  Beautiful, fragrant, frail and each one an individual work of art.  Roses are a must!  Add some carnations and baby’s breath.  She loves baby’s breath!
  3. Candy.  Even if she’s on a diet, she’s expecting some chocolate.  Don’t get the cheap stuff!  Invest in some expensive truffles.  You’ll be glad you did.
  4. Dinner.  You don’t expect her to cook for you on Valentines Day?  Make reservations at a nice restaurant.  Try to keep a straight face when you see the prices on the menu. Tip generously.  You don’t want her to think you are a cheapskate.
  5. Perfume.  Has she been wearing the same fragrance for months?  Buy her something moderately priced, you don’t have to go broke buying ultra-expensive perfumes.
  6. Music.  A very personal thing.  Make a CD mix of her favorite songs.  Maybe it will put her in the mood for dancing.
  7. Jewelry.  Diamonds are forever.  So are rubies, emeralds and sapphires.  It doesn’t have to be big and expensive.  Buy her a charm bracelet with one charm.  You can add to it on special occasions.
  8. Lingerie.  Satin and lace makes a woman feel sexy.  You want your partner to feel sexy, don’t you?  Think about it.
  9. Interest.  Show some interest in something she loves, even if you think it’s stupid.  Sign up for cooking classes or dance lessons or karate lessons or whatever else she would be interested in, but never found the time for.
  10. Getaway.  A weekend or a week or a month.  A short drive or a plane trip.  Just the two of you away from home, family, work and the everyday mundane life things.  Enjoy each other’s company!


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