Valentine’s Day Ideas: Thoughtful Gifts & Outings

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Valentine’s Day 2010 is this weekend, so if you are stuck trying to find the perfect valentine idea for your special someone, here are some tips.  From cheap to expensive and from ordinary to awesome these ideas are sure to spark some sort of plan to treat your valentine sweetie.

Gift Ideas:

Flowers: Flowers range in price, but are a Valentine’s Day staple.  Most girls, and even some guys, will love getting flowers.  Get sentimental by selecting a bouquet of that person’s favorite flower. A single rose goes a long way $10+

Chocolates:  Chocolates are another staple of Valentine’s Day, but Edible Arrangements has brought it to a whole new level with chocolate covered strawberries and other dipped fruits.  Also, M&M’s allows you to customize their mini candies with your own message on their website.  $25+

Fortune Cookies:  There are websites that allow you to customize fortune cookies.  Write a personalized message and have it wrapped in a decadent fortune cookie.  This is a different and fun idea for about $30+.

Pajamas:  You could go sexy or comfy based on what you know your partner would like. $20+

Books:  Don’t deny the power of a classic love story.  If your love interest has a passion for books or writing pick up a love story, a book of love letters, or a book of famous love quotes. $10+

Name a Star: You can have a star named after someone for only $20.  That star may come in handy if you want to promise to give her the world – you can start with the universe.

Horror Movies: For the anti-valentine in your life what is less romantic than horror movies, buy a bunch and watch them together. $20+

Do-it-Yourself:  There are a lot of great do-it-yourself gift ideas for Valentine’s Day if you want to get creative.  Here are some ideas to get you started: write a poem, decorate a box to store love mementos, create a scrapbook or photo album, or make dinner or dessert.

Outings & Entertainment:

Museums:  With a library pass you can usually get discounted passes to museums.  $10+

Theatre: You may not love plays or musicals but if you’re nearby a playhouse that has Blue Man Group it’s a great date you won’t regret spending money on.  $60+

Movies: If you love a movie fanatic a movie night could be a nice way to spend the evening, and for a special twist find a movie theatre that serves dinner and drinks while you watch the show.

Dinner:  The location of your first date or a favorite restaurant can make someone feel special.  Spice it up by having flowers at the table when you arrive. $50+

Ice Skating: Ice skating is a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and do something different together.  It’s also usually inexpensive.  Finish it off with some hot chocolate and whipped cream $10+


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a crazy expensive day.  It’s just a nice day to say or do something special, so even something as simple as a card can go a long way.  If you take some time and think about what your match loves in life it may be easy to come up with some great ideas!

Do you have any gift ideas from previous years that went over well?   

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