Valeria Lukyanova Fame Paves Way for Venus Palermo

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21-year-old Valeria Lukyanova of Ukraine is famous for being a real-life living Barbie, but her fame will pave the way for 15-year-old British Venus Palermo — also known as “Venus Angelic.” The girl is someone else entering a new trend mimicking the looks of an actual doll.

Venus began her doll-like lifestyle at an extremely young age. She has YouTube videos up with millions of hits on how to get her doll-like appearance and has a large number of followers. Her porcelain perfect skin, big eyes, and detailed Victorian wardrobe makes her look like a doll.

See photos of Venus Angelic here.

Unlike Valeria Lukyanova, Venus isn’t speculated to be a hoax. She’s raised by a single mother by the name of Margaret who doesn’t mind her daughter putting on elaborate makeup, contact lenses, and making a name for herself at 15 for looking like a real-life doll. She insists that no matter what you do as a parent, children are going to do what they want anyway. Besides, she said Venus is “innocent and good girl who likes frills and ribbons.”

Is the real-life doll trend a bit too much for young girls to take on? It’s hard enough for women in general to accept such unrealistic standards of being perfect.

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