Valeria Lukyanova Update: Latest Pictures Reveal Before Barbie Look

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A young Ukrainian woman by the name of Valeria Lukyanova has been dubbed the real-life Barbie. All week speculations have revolved whether the 21-year-old is a hoax or digitally modified in her all of her photos. New pictures of what Lukyanova looked like eight to 10 years ago have surfaced which show a drastically more realistic looking girl without all the superficial enhancements.

See photos of real-life Barbie here

In the photos, Valeria didn’t wear as much makeup and had an incredibly beautiful look all on her own. Her eyes had more expression and her figure was obviously more natural, as is seen in one of the pictures of her lying down on the floor in her bikini posing for the camera.

In a video Valeria Lukyanova released Thursday, she reacted to harsh criticism she’s read about herself in the press by saying she’s worked hard to look the way she does without having plastic surgery. She owes her real-life Barbie image to working out, eating raw foods, and staying away from alcohol and smoking.

No matter what Lukyanovva says it’s nearly impossible to believe just being well-disciplined with exercise and diet gave her the look of an almost animated character.

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