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So this episode of 16 and Pregnant was very interesting. I don’t watch the show religiously but I don’t recall any of the other girls’ pregnancies having the the type of complication that involved transferring the baby to a bigger hospital. I guess it was a big scare because the dr. had noticed brown/dark stuff in the fluid when her water broke and they feared inhalation of fecal matter which is called: Meconium Aspiration.

They worried about the baby’s labored breathing, but after keeping her a few days and testing her she proved to be okay. The baby’s name was Naveah, which is heaven spelled backwards. She was born 7 lbs to the underage couple Valerie and Matt.

In the beginning of the episode I wasn’t sure how Valerie would be as a mother, but as the show went on it was clear that she was definitely trying and willing to make sacrifices to be a better mother. For example one of her arguments was that she wanted to go back to regular high school because home school was boring, but in regular school she suffered many truancies, bad grades, and she wouldn’t be able to care for Naveah if she was in school all day! One of the lines from the show was said by her mom: “You can’t pick and choose everything in life just because you don’t like something.” I thought it needed to be said because Valerie didn’t realize that in retrospect, that homeschool worked better for schedule and flexibility even after the baby was born, and it allowed her time to take care of her baby, as well as the one on one attention she neeeded to help improve her grades–which were now straight A’s.

Still, it was great to see her take initiative to look into what daycare costs–because it seemed that she didn’t really believe her mom’s advice about daycare–and rule it out as not the best option for an unemployed teenager.

Still she was only 15 when she got pregnant and although she seemed to step up and take her pregnancy seriously; she still had much growing up to do! When she and her friends were discussing labor, and the epidural she talked about how the doctors had explained the process almost like pushing and having a bowel movement. The funny part was when she said: “I thought it was a certain move you have to do;” no it’s just a fancy way of saying poop!

I think overall it was just a really interesting episode. It was the first teen pregnancy of a 15 year old black girl adopted by a white family on the show, and she seemed like she was focused on doing the right thing for her baby, even if that means the ideas that she had in her head about how her life ought to go had altered quite a bit! I mean in the beginning of the episode she is talking to her best friend, Sienna, and they talk about: how they used to judge teenage girls that got pregnant rather harshly, Valerie’s birth control method/pregnancy prevention which turned out to be a lack there of, and about Valerie’s relationship with the father, Matt. 

At the start of the show when Valerie is questioned by her bff about how the pregnancy happened, I respected that she owned up to her actions saying: “I was dumb.” I also felt very sorry for her because her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend (it was unclear) was kind of a jerk! It shows him beat boxing in the car with his friend and he’s on the phone telling Valerie how he wants nothing to do with her unless it’s about the baby. Also his stupid friend is steady advising to definitely  get a “faternity test–” clearly he meant PATERNITY TEST.

I don’t think that the test ever happened because the baby did look like her father and I’m sure when he thought about it, there was no question especially when Valerie stated: “We had sex alot and it was unprotected, you know it’s your baby!” (which was the clip that they played in the trailer for the upcoming season of the show which actually made me want to watch it). I still feel bad for these girls, especially in this case when she was just naive and in love, and maybe made some very poor decisions. I admired that Matt showed up for the delivery and he came to visit the baby when he said he would. I hope for Valerie that she sticks with homeshool, gets her diploma, goes on to college and or gets a job and some support to help raise her baby. I respected the fact that she wanted a real connected relationship with her daughter, unlike the one she had with her biological mother. She is a very beautiful, dedicated, and smart girl with a lot of potential! I hope it works out for her because she could still be a role model for her baby and her story could be seen or heard by other kids so they can see another example of the outcome of immaturity, teenage sex, and the difficulties.

What did you think of Valerie?

Did you like this episode in the series of 16 and Pregnant?





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