Valerie Bertinelli’s New Husband Is A Convicted Wife And Child Beater

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Valerie Bertinelli has lived a charmed existence of late.  The former star of the classic comedy series, One Day At A Time, lost weight, snagged a starring role on Hot in Cleveland, and married her long-time boyfriend, Tom Vitale.  Her life seems like a fairy tale.  But now her friends are terrified that the fairy tale could come to a tragic end. 

According to the National Enquirer, Bertinelli’s new husband, Tom Vitale is a convicted wife beater.  Court documents prove that Vitale was arrested 10 years ago in Scottsdale, Ariz. for allegedly beating up his ex-wife Sharon and “pinning her to the ground.”   To add insult to injury, he resisted arrest when the cops came. 

It gets worse.  Vitale also allegedly punched out his then 11 year old daughter, and he was sentenced to (among other things) 12 weeks of anger management training.   The following year, Vitale was back in the slammer for allegedly attacking a man, tearing his clothes and smashing his cell phone.  Two years later, in 2004, he was sentenced to 24 months of supervised  probation for another assault charge.  Wow.  Valerie Bertinelli’s husband was one mean guy. 

“Was” is the operative word as far as Bertinelli is concerned.  Although her friends are understandably worried, she is convinced that Vitale has overcome his issues with violence.   A Bertinelli insider claimed:  “Valerie has heard the stories about Tom, but she says that he could never hurt anybody. He’s always acted like the perfect gentleman to her.  Valerie is absolutely convinced that whatever problems Tom may have had, they are all in the past. She thinks of him as her soul mate.”   Hmm.

Unfortunately, the experts on domestic violence and spousal abuse aren’t quite so sanguine.   Psychologists warn that Valerie Bertinelli “could be asking for trouble by marrying a man with a history of domestic abuse.”

Sadly, only time can tell whether or not Valerie Bertinelli’s husband has indeed overcome his anger management issues.  If he has, great.  If he hasn’t, she could be in danger.  So the question is:  should she remain in the marriage and find out, or should she bail out now before an ugly situation arises?

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