‘Vampire Diaries': Julie Plec Reveals Season 3 Spoilers

On Thursday, fans of Vampire Diaries witnessed the season two finale for the series. The finale contained twists that no one saw coming, and it wasn’t long after the episode’s airing that executive producer Julie Plec was asked for details about what could happen next when the series returns for a third season in the fall. While the writers for the series have not officially started working on the next season yet, there are directions they are headed towards and things fan should expect.

Julie Plec spoke to Entertainment Weekly in the early morning hours Friday morning to reveal that Klaus and Stefan, played by Joseph Morgan and Paul Wesley, are on the “road to awesomeness” in season three. Yes, this means Klaus will return, and the executive producer also hinted that a return by Elijah, played by Daniel Gilles, is also possible. Klaus killed his brother Elijah in the season finale, but Elijah has died and returned before. The focus of season three will be on the originals. Julie Plec had hinted at that long before the finale.

Plec also said the following about season three: “The series regular family is returning in full effect. Hopefully, we’ll be able to really dig deeply into Tyler’s friendship and blossoming romantic interest in Caroline and her potential interest in him — and also the conflict maybe between the sheriff and the mayor once the mayor comes into the loop, and the lengths they’ll each go to protect their children and possibly try to keep their children away from each other.”

Michael Trevino had already teased the return of Tyler Lockwood in season three, so this just confirms that return. Season three of Vampire Diaries won’t premiere until September, so fans have a long wait ahead of them. The season finale went places that the fans didn’t even expect. No one saw Stefan joining forces with Klaus to save his brother Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder. He basically gave up his own life with Elena without hesitation when he had been angry at her for doing the same at different points during the season. Stefan’s character will show an entirely new side to it in season three.

If you missed the season two finale, check here the “As I Lay Dying” recap. Are you ready to find out what happens next on Vampire Diaries? The long summer wait begins.

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