‘Vampire Diaries’ phone number is real. Speak to Paul Wesley or Ian Somerhalder (aka Stefan or Damon)

Are you a ‘Vampire Diaries; fan? In love with Paul Wesley or Ian Somerhalder? Then call 1-919-399-2507. Here, I’ll repeat it for you: 1-919-399-2507.At the end of Thursday night’s ‘Vampire Diaries’ episode, Elena dialed the phone number above, and yes, fans, it’s a working line.
If you call it up, you will hear the following message left by Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder):
Damon: For those of you who are Team Stefan, you should know, he’s not as perfect as you think. If you don’t believe me, ask him what happened when he turned into a Vampire back in 1864.
Stefan: And for those of you who are Team Damon, ask him to tell you everything he’s done since that time. He never looks back at the people he’s killed, the lives he’s ruined. But eventually, the storm hits and it all catches up to you.
Thanks Zaptoit for providing us with the number!

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