‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Spoilers: Stefan is Changed Forever

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Vampire Diaries is set to return for its third season in less than two weeks, and fans are waiting to see what happens next where Stefan Salvatore is concerned. At the end of season two, Stefan, played by actor Paul Wesley, had a major shift in character. When he went to Klaus to find a cure for his brother, the last thing fans expected to see was the man to give up himself and return to his former ripper ways.

When season three opens up, Stefan will be on the road with Klaus, and Paul Wesley has had something new to say about what is coming for his character. He did say in earlier interviews that his character would not always be back to evil ways, but there is more to this change in character. In fact, this change could end up having a more permanent effect on him.

Wesley said the following, according to Wet Paint: “As far as Stefan is concerned, he can never go back to his old life. Imagine Stefan sitting in high school. Apart from the fact that I just look weird sitting in high school, he’s murdered all these people.” This means that no matter what happens, Stefan will never be the same. What does this mean for him and Elena? This could cause some major issues for them.

He will eventually find out that Elena kissed Damon, and this will cause trouble. However, fans also know that in the past, Stefan didn’t want Elena to know about or see his darker side. Could him reverting to it cause a distance to form between the pair? That is entirely possible. Fans will have to wait and find out what happens next once the series returns on September 15th. Are you ready for the return of Vampire Diaries?

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