‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Elena’s Reaction and Her Choice

The Vampire Diaries will return this fall, and fans already have an idea what the season will hold for them. The season will deal with Elena’s transition into a vampire. That much is known even though work on the fourth season has just begun by the writers.

Nina Dobrev shared some about Elena’s reaction to the events in her life and her choosing Stefan recently. Elena never wanted to become a vampire, and Dobrev does make it sound like Elena chose to to die. She said the following in this video shared by TV Edge:

“I think she is going to freak out. I think Elena is not going to be happy about it because she didn’t even know. She kind of accepted death and told Stefan to save Matt and not herself.”

Elena did choose Matt over herself, and she had no idea of the vampire blood in her veins. It is hard to know if she would have made a different choice if she’d known what Meredith had done to save her.

As for her choice, Dobrev played coy about the decision. Elena chose Stefan over Damon in the finale. Dobrev said that her character made an ‘educated choice’ by choosing the younger Salvatore. This makes it sound like her choice was based less on love and more on who would be best for her. Dobrev did tease that anything can change in the upcoming season.

Fans will have to wait what to see what will happen next on the series when The Vampire Diaries returns in October. What do you think? Are you excited to see Elena’s transition in season four.

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