‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Transitions and Breaking Rules

The Vampire Diaries has a lot in store for the characters when it returns with its fourth season this fall. Not only will fans see the transition of Elena from human to vampire, but the teenagers will also transition from high school seniors to adults in season four as they graduate from Mystic Falls High School. This will set up season five as the year that takes them from teens to adults.

Julie Plec talked about the series and what is in store for next season. The teens will transition, and this will allow for more of their home lives to be shown. Bonnie’s dad will finally pop up on the series. Fans met the mother that abandoned her in season three, and her mother was later turned into a vampire. She then ran off again, but she did return to help Bonnie when it was needed.

There is more for Alaric ahead as well. His death doesn’t mean the end of the character. Jeremy still has his ability to communicate with dead spirits. This leaves the door open for Alaric to return, even if it is just now and again to give Jeremy advice or help out when needed. He did reappear in the finale to Jeremy, and Julie Plec even spoke about that as well. She said the following, according to Hollywood Hills:

“The moment in the end of the finale when he shows up, broke every rule in the book, but I didn’t care. For us it was more important for us to give Matt Davis and Alaric that last goodbye to say, ‘Yes, he was the bad guy for the last few episodes, but here he is in that Obi-Wan kind of way.'”

Alaric did go bad at the end of the season, but there was a reason for it. He didn’t go bad without an explanation. The ring was controlling him at that point. Then, Esther took advantage.

Fans do have a long summer to wait. Do you want to see Alaric on season four of The Vampire Diaries?

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