‘Vampire Diaries’ Season Finale Spoilers: Elijah and Bonnie Drama!

The Vampire Diaries season finale is almost here, and there are new spoilers out about Elijah and Bonnie. What happens to them in the season finale episode? Yes, this means that Elijah is back to cause drama in Mystic Falls. Last fans saw him, he chose family over his word and saved his brother Klaus.

Daniel Gillies told Hollywood Life that Elijah will be in the finale, but he wouldn’t give any details of what he ends up doing or what part he plays. However, Katerina Graham was a bit more forthcoming about her own character. In the preview for the episode, she is shown bleeding and pleading for help from some unseen person.

Katerina had this to say about what will happen to Bonnie during the episode: “She’s asking for something she can’t do herself. And if Bonnie can kill Klaus by taking her own life, it must be something pretty big for her to need more help. A lot of what the characters will be going through is: How can we, if at all, save Damon’s life?”

With the return of Elijah, and Bonnie using her powers to the very maximum of her ability, it is without a doubt set to be a big finale for Vampire Diaries on Thursday night. Fans might see more of Elijah in season three as well, but that has not yet been confirmed.

What do you think is going to happen in the finale? Will Damon live? Check out the latest clip from the finale. Don’t forget to watch the end of season two. No one has mentioned Klaus, so it is also possible he might return. Anything is possible as everyone tries to save Damon Salvatore from death.

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