‘Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: Elena’s Dark Side and a Happy Damon?

Fans of The Vampire Diaries have a long wait before the series returns in the fall, but once it does return to the CW the possibilities for what will happen next are endless. Elena Gilbert, who is played by Nina Dobrev, will go vampire, and this will be a game changer for the series. Elena also made her choice, but she will need to deal with the fact that she did in fact meet Damon first. Damon will have to deal with the fact that he did lose the girl.

There are a lot of moments that will have a big impact on the season to come. Elena’s transition is one of them, and anyone that knows vampires knows that the transition is not an easy one for any person. Every emotion is heightened times ten, and every quality is pushed to its limit and comes out more. Could fans really see a dark side to Elena next season? Does she have one? Yes, even selfless Elena Gilbert has a dark side. Just how dark can she be? From Inside The Box teased the following:

We’ve seen a few flashes of just how tough and fierce Elena can be when someone messes with the people she loves. We’re hoping that is the side of her that emerges when she finally vamps out. Does Elena have a little Ripper in her?

Seeing Elena going ripping into people’s throats would be something to see. That is more a trait of Katherine the vampire. However, it could very well happen. She could rip once or twice before someone helps her control it. Who will help her out? Will it be Stefan or Damon? There is the story.

As for Damon, he has lost the girl again. Does he really need to move on? Yes, and thousand times more yes, but moving on also means he needs to be happy. He can’t be broody and alone forever. Even with his tough exterior, there is still a soft interior to him. He just tries to hide it. Seeing a happier Damon would be a goal for the series.

What are you looking forward to in season four of The Vampire Diaries?

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