‘Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: Michael Trevino Teases Klaus and Caroline

One of the biggest shockers of the Vampire Diaries season three finale was the appearance of Klaus in Tyler’s body. This isn’t the first time that Klaus has taken over a host for his purposes, but this time it managed to save many of the vampires on the show. If Klaus dies, anyone in his bloodline also dies. This includes Stefan, Damon, Katherine, Tyler, and Caroline. One vampire’s death would kill anyone of worth on the series.

Michael Trevino spoke about the new role he will play and what he wants to see in season four for Tyler and his lady love, Caroline, played by Candice Accola. Klaus also is in love with Caroline, so his being in Tyler’s body gives him what he wants in a way. How long will Klaus, usually played by Joseph Morgan, be inside Tyler’s body? Trevino revealed the following to Hollywood Life:

“I hope it lasts. I would imagine the first episode of season four I’ll be playing Klaus, but I want to see how long we can push it.”

The actor is actually excited to tackle a little something different on the series. He is looking forward to something ‘darker’ for Tyler. Being a werewolf and vampire wasn’t dark enough?

As for Caroline and Tyler, Trevino is ready to be just Tyler again as well. With the sire bond no longer a factor, the pair can focus on just the two of them. He said the following:

“Klaus isn’t an issue now, so I want to see how solid their relationship is.”

It should definitely be interesting to see what Michael Trevino does as Klaus in season four. As for Caroline and Tyler, this new test could make or break their relationship.

Are you ready to see Trevino play a slightly different role on Vampire Diaries? Check out more of what he had to say in the full interview below.

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