‘Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: More Damon and Elena Drama in Season 4

Vampire Diaries aired its season finale a week ago, and Elena did make a choice between the two Salvatore brothers, but the final moments of the finale changed everything. Just because she made her choice, it doesn’t mean fans won’t see more out of Damon and Elena next season. They will have a few things to deal with.

It was revealed in the finale that Elena did in fact meet Damon first, but he made her forget it. He made her forget a few things over the last three seasons, but when you transition into a vampire all your memories do come back. This means she will remember Damon and all the things he told her to forget since they first met, and she will remember that she did meet him first. This will throw in a bit of trouble for Damon and Elena next season.

Julie Plec dished on the transition Elena will go through and the impact it will have on her relationships with the two Salvatore brothers recently. She said the following, according to Wet Paint:

“There’s so much more to this relationship than even Elena knows… it just opens the door for continued exploration. It’s not the Stefan-Elena show. It’s not the Damon-Elena show The way the episode ended really changes everything for everybody. Elena is about to be a completely different person in a lot of ways… In a way we’re almost starting over.”

If Elena chose Stefan and they lived happily ever after in Mystic Falls, that would be too easy. The series would get stale and boring very quickly. There is something about this love triangle that keeps fans tuning in, so it is likely to be a part of the series as long as they can keep it going.

Are you ready for more Salvatore brother drama in Elena’s life on Vampire Diaries?

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