‘Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: What Paul Wesley Wants in Season 4 Stefan

The Vampire Diaries is done for another season, and it is safe to say season three was full of twists and turns. The most challenged character of the season had to be Stefan Salvatore played by Paul Wesley. Taken over by blood lust, he had to combat that yet again in order to regain some of his humanity. Of course, Klaus, played by Joseph Morgan, fought him returning to his former self all that he could.

Stefan has returned to his former self, and it looks like he will get the girl. That is if Elena Gilbert in her new vampire state decides to tell him. Paul Wesley has his own ideas for his character in season four. If he had things his way, he would take season one Stefan and somehow he hopes that the character “maintains a glimmer of Ripper” as well, according to Wet Paint.

Is that even possible? Could Stefan combine both personalities in one sexy Salvatore package? The series has done a lot over the last three season, and it is safe to say no one saw the complete change into Ripper Stefan that fans saw to start off season three. This series is making it look like anything is possible. It is by no means True Blood, but it has its own way of doing things.

With Elena going vampire, could the ripper be bad to have around on Vampire Diaries? She will have to learn how to be a vampire from someone. Let’s just hope she doesn’t take any lessons from the ripper side of Stefan.

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