‘Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: What’s Next for Damon and Elena?

At the end of season three, The Vampire Diaries showed Elena finally making a choice between the brothers, but a choice does not mean the end of the love triangle or of her feelings for Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder. In fact, season four will be an all-new ball game. She will turn into a vampire, and that will change everything – especially when she remembers all the times Damon made her forget something he said or did.

In season four, Julie Plec teases that ‘Elena’s feelings for him are going to continue to evolve.’ Elena, played by Nina Dobrev, will have a huge change when she transitions. She will have a lot of emotions to deal with. Everything will be heightened, and it will be up to Stefan and Damon to help her transition well. Elena never wanted to become a vampire. She made it clear at the end of season two that it was the last thing she wanted.

Now, she has no choice. If she doesn’t complete her transition she will die. She has to drink blood and finish out the change. Could this heightened emotional state push her closer to Damon? Or will her memories of all the times he made her forget push her even further away.

She did admit that she has feelings for him, but her feelings for Stefan, played by Paul Wesley, are much stronger. She is in love with the younger Salvatore. A transition could totally change her feelings too, and it could lead to some confusion for Elena on The Vampire Diaries.

Right now, it really is anyone’s guess. Elena does have feelings for Damon, and those feelings will continue to grow. It all depends on which direction they evolve too. More love or will she finally get tired of him?

What do you think?

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