Vampire in Training

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I’ll stick my neck out to say that the traditional role of the Vampire is passed down through various blood lines.  Your type was of no particular consequence to me; some are sweet and some are salty.  I chose you because the moon was full, and my veins were running on empty.  You were the person of choice; you know : “Love the one you’re with”.  This was a great song, with even greater meaning for us.  


You were in the wrong place at the right time.  I hadn’t had a hit in a week.  I’m sure it was due to the thinning population.  My routine feeding frenzy was not helping this situation.   It may be time for me to move on to a larger people pool.  If you were to ask me where I’m from originally, I would say the South.  You thought I’d say Transylvania, didn’t you?  I gotta have my grits, you know.

 You will have to move out from here to another area and stake out your own claim.  Vampires are very territorial, and as our numbers grow and ‘their numbers’ (the total populace as a whole) dwindle, we will eventually be looking for each other to satisfy our blood-lust.  But don’t worry, it won’t happen in several lifetimes for any of us. There is plenty of food a-foot, I assure you.


 Learn to know how to stay out of sight at all times, and do not attempt to forage for a meal in a crowd of people.  The temptation, when you are out there and so close to humans, will at times prove too much for you to resist.   Many members of our exclusive club have fallen victim to the stake through the heart.  This is the only way that a vampire can die, no matter what stories you have heard before.


You will learn to sleep with your eyes open.  Your very existence will depend upon it.  I have had three attempts on my immortality to date.  All of them were close calls, but the perpetrators became the victims in each case.  Be alert at all times, and try and be creative.  In the old days coffins were the sleeping quarters of choice.  Today there are caves, and cavities in large trees, and the list goes on.  Be your own watchman. 


You must be most aware of those ladies with that adoring look in their eyes; that special way they walk.  If you do not want to fall victim to another vampire, you must see them before they get wind of you.  Even though you will not die from the bite they administer, you will remain vulnerable to human attack in your weakened state for several hours.


The last note of importance that I want to pass along is that we are a brotherhood and sisterhood of the un-dead.  Most of us would never think to target one another, except in extreme emergencies.  We are a very elite group who must live head and shoulders above the rest of mankind.  We are the leaders into the new millennium.


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