Vampire Skeletons in Bulgaria Boost Tourism with ‘Vampire Vacations’?

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Will the recently discovered vampire skeletons in Bulgaria boost tourism for the European country? Will vampire enthusiasts around the world flock to the area where up to 100 graves have been dug up containing skeletons with iron rods pinning them to the ground?

How interested are you in visiting the country that clearly had (and still may have) serious issues with keeping fanged blood suckers in the ground instead of up above where they could cause havoc with the living?

The practice of stabbing the dead body of a person who was believed have been ‘bad’ during their lifetime into the grave was actually alive and well back around 700 years ago and was thought to prevent the dead from popping back up out of the grave as really bad ‘undead’ vampires. Luckily, it must have worked well since so many of the skeletons have been found still intact.

Of course, the two vampire skeletons most recently found have catapulted Bulgaria into the media spotlight as the place to be for vampire fans or at least curious non-fans who like to be creeped out.

Tourism agencies are apparently even getting phone calls from people about booking so called ‘vampire vacations’. Would you be willing to spend money on a trip focused on all things vampire?

A piece of iron was found next to skeleton dating back in the Middle Ages at this archeological site in Bulgaria.Photo Source: NYDailyNews

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