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It’s October, which made me think of Vampires:) so I challenged myself to use all four prompts for this weeks genre shorties to write one single story.

A man in a stained trench coat delivered the strange message.

I kept staring at the red wax seal embossed with our family crest. The last time I received a summons to appear at the family mansion was nearly 130 years ago. Suddenly feeling chilled, I reached for my coffee and laced it with cognac, a familiar ritual I drew comfort from.

Really, it was about time Uncle Albert was relieved from his duties, Vampires couldn’t afford to attract attention with lavish parties and public support of genetic research. I added my own black wax seal with a flourish. The messenger disappeared.

I felt excitement rising, a long lost emotion.


There were enough pickles for everyone.


A curious thing, food at a vampire summit, more proof that Uncle Albert was losing it.


Drat, spotting Victoria heading my way, I decided to hide in the library. Cousin Elijah was holding court there, surrounded by seven charming young ladies. A living fairy tale book, princesses in sparkling gowns adoring the handsome prince. Those were the days, easy prey for vampires.

I left Elijah with his fan club for a stroll in the gardens.


Victoria’s angelic golden locks shimmered in the moonlight. Her curvaceous body wrapped in midnight blue velvet, she sipped the secret family elixir smiling at Maximilian.



I was surprised to see him on my doorstep wearing that same tuxedo he wore to the vampire gathering. Maximilian and I go way back, mortal enemies, once friends, we both love Victoria.

I glared, still feeling blindsided by the announcement that Maximilian was taking over for Uncle Albert.

Max walked past me to sprawl on the couch and said, “I need your help, Drago.”

“Since when do you need help with anything?”

“Victoria is in trouble.”

I reached for the Elixir bottle, poured us a shot and silently studied his features. There was an edgy raggedness about him, his dark good looks overshadowed by weariness.



Let’s throw her in the pond and see if she sinks”, Maximilian recited, growling, “it was the twins, intoxicated with elixir”.

Thirteen year old Natasha and Frederick were the last of our line, innocents, fiercely protected by their guardians.


They crashed the party.”

I groaned.

He threw me a look, green eyes filled with unspoken agony, “The McCarthy clan got to her first. I’ve searched all night, Victoria vanished, the clan is stonewalling.”

She’ll find a way to stay alive until we find her, what’s the plan?”

There were those prickly emotions again, we’d be hunting in the night like in the old days.

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Prompts for week 84 – genre shorties – 100 word stories

A man in a stained trench coat delivered the strange message.

There were enough pickles for everyone.

I was surprised to see him on my doorstep wearing that.

Let’s throw her in the pond and see if she sinks.


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