Van Jones Hate: ‘Libertarians and Patriots Are Bigots’

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No one can argue that Van Jones is a hell of a talker. He could probably make a conservative question their own politics! After the All For The 99% rally in Los Angeles Saturday, he’s also a hell of a liar. Jones worked for President Obama as his Green Jobs Czar until September of 2009 when Glenn Beck and others provided evidence of Jones signing a petition stating the government “may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen.” Jones feigned innocence and still does to this day. Jones is a radical who founded Color of Change, has called Republicans a**holes (which he apologized for), worked with radical group STORM, and supports a cop killer on death row. In addition, he has gone on a personal mission to attack Glenn Beck, who simply proved who the real Van Jones was. A radical.

Once again, Jones has gone too far. At the rally, Jones, speaking of Libertarians, said, “They say they’re Patriots but they hate everybody in America who looks like us. They say they love America but they hate the people, the brown folk, the gays, the lesbians, the people with piercings, ya know ya’ll.” Obviously a sweeping judgement and bigoted lie. Libertarian politics cheer personal freedoms, they don’t judge individual choices. The notion of Libertarians hating others based on race, sexual preference or piercings is just laughable! So contrary to the party values.

Speaking of immigration, he actually said, “You can’t be an anti-immigrant bigot and a Patriot at the same time.” It’s not “anti-immigrant,” it’s “anti-illegal-immigrant.” Not the individual, it’s the law! Respecting laws does not make you a bigot. Wanting the border closed to ensure the safety of Americans (especially with wild drug wars, U.S. Border Control agents being murdered and our own land being off-limits to citizens because of safety concerns) is not being bigoted. However, making sweeping judgements over a political group because they disagree with you is bigoted.

Being a patriot is supporting the Republic and its laws. Being a patriot is not about global government or allowing one man to have control of or destroy our media, our government, our business, our political parties or to devalue our dollar. Van Jones has proved time and time again that he is a shill for the machine that is George Soros. The left has taken over the Occupy movement in the hopes of a “Summer of Rage.” It is anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Jew, anti-Israel, anti-free-market and especially anti-American.

They want racism, to the point of making it up like what was done at NBC with their “creative editing” of the Zimmerman 911 tape. Is Zimmerman a racist? Maybe, but NBC wanted to make sure. If someone is black and conservative, they are Uncle Tom or “brainwashed.” Van Jones should be ashamed of himself for the lies he’s trying to pass off on America’s youth, minorities and immigrants. He wants them to be held back because it works for the their agenda. There will always be racism, some people are just not all there, but trying to claim Libertarians and patriots are all bigots is just absurd..and bigoted.

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