Vanessa Head is Missing, Possibly in Las Vegas

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Where is Vanessa Head? The 24-year-old Sparks, Nevada, woman has been missing since July 7th, when she left with her two young children to allegedly meet a man she had been corresponding with on the Internet. Her two-year-old son Michael Scanlon and her nine-month-old daughter Lily are in her care, but friends and family members are worried because of their young age and the fact that Head suffers from cognitive disabilities. What makes matters worse is that there is no set destination known for this woman, but Las Vegas is one of the few possibilities.

(photo provided by: Sparks Police)Investigators believe that Vanessa Head could either be in Las Vegas, Sacramento or Vallejo, California. This could be indicative that they just aren’t sure of who she met online. Do they not have access to her online accounts? It’s usually standard to check the accounts of a missing person who could have vanished due to internet dating. The fact that she’s cognitively impaired raises another point that these investigators should try to narrow down who she met.

On the other hand, this woman is 24 years old, and if she is adult enough to be dating and making babies, she most certainly possesses the ability to be a free-willed adult who participates in age-appropriate activities. She could have just decided to cut ties to her family with her young children while pursuing a new relationship.

Nonetheless, the Internet can be a place to meet dangerous individuals, and predators use it as a hunting ground for young women and children. It’s important to find this young woman because her family just do not know what happened to her. The fact that she didn’t even tell her family what location she was aiming for is indicative of her not wanting to be found, though, unless this does have something to do with her disability.

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