Vanessa Hudgens’ Boyfriend Austin Butler Reveals Details of His Hottest Date

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In a recent interview in Troix Magazine, Austin Butler dished about the hottest dates he’s ever been on. Was the 20-year-old star of Switched at Birth, talking about his current main squeeze and favorite PDA partner, Vanessa Hudgens?

Ever the gentleman, Austin Butler didn’t mention the lady’s name. However he waxed almost rhapsodic when he reminisced about a spontaneous date that stands out in his memory

“Sometimes the best dates are spontaneous adventures. I’ve had a lot of great dates, but one that sticks out in my mind started out as what was supposed to be a tame night going to a house party with this girl. We ended up being bored by the party, so we left and took two guitars and skateboards and skated around the USC campus for a while, which is beautiful at night, then played guitar for two hours on this grassy knoll. After that we weren’t tired so we went to this 24 hour diner by the beach where we ate and decided to go swimming afterward. Then we walked down to the beach, swam in the ocean, and then sat in the sand and talked until the sun came up. It was a nice night.”

Sounds like the perfect spontaneous romantic encounter. But was Austin talking about the date that led to his current romance with Vanessa Hudgens? The world will probably never know. However, considering the plethora of PDA that Hudgens and Butler have provided for the paparazzi over the past few months, it’s certainly possible. And with such a romantic and unplanned first date, it’s easy to see why their relationship has grown and blossomed. It seemed they were comfortable with and connected to each other from the very beginning.

Or as Austin Butler philosophized: ‘Life’s so much more fun when you accept that it’s all about the experiences.”

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