Vanessa Hudgens Brought to Tears Training for ‘Sucker Punch’

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Vanessa Hudgens stars in an up-coming action-packed martial-arts-filled movie, Sucker Punch. Combat isnÂ’t her normal thing, right, so she has to get in shape—not that the shape she’s already in has any faults, but she needs the moves. “My very first day I showed up not knowing what to expect in the slightest,” Vanessa Hudgens tells Spinoff, as OMG Music reports. “I got thrown into three hours of martial arts and an hour of the most intense training of my life.”

Fans have all seen Karate Kid, old or new, so they know what she means. But to live it is a different thing. Vanessa Hudgens goes on: “I remember that I was holding ontFile:VanessaHudgensMay10.jpgo these rings and I let go by accident. The trainer was like, ‘Okay, we have to do it again.’ And I let go again. I started to cry. It was just the most frustrating feeling ever.” And she didn’t even have to go through the attitude-adjusting, “Pick it up. Put it on. Take it off. On the floor. Pick it up. Put it on.” Etc, etc.

The twenty-two-year-old actress plays a girl, locked up in an institution by a “wicked stepfather”, which sounds something like Girl, Interrupted, but the combat scenes take place in an alternate reality. The whole trip sounds like fun. But possibly not for Vanessa.

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