Vanessa Hudgens Confronts Paparazzo Over Ciggy Pics

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Vanessa Hudgens may be trying to shed her squeaky-clean Disney image, but she doesn’t want it to slip away too fast. After all, she has a host of High School Musical fans. It seems she was caught smoking, while riding in a friend’s BMW, and Vanessa went after the picture-taker. Details are fuzzy, but the videos captured by X17 are pretty clear, reports E!Online.

At a stoplight, at the corner of La Cienega and Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, Vanessa spotted a paparazzo spotting her with a cigarette in her hand. Uh-oh. Bad image projection! Here’s where the story gets strange. Vanessa Hudgens, wearing an oversized gray sweater, knee-high boots and nothing in between, with her black bra totally visible through the gaping neckline, hopped out of the car and went after the photographer.

She opened the offending car’s door to complain. “Vanessa, get out of my car,” yelled the photographer.

Strangely Vanessa Hudgens, sources report, started screaming at the onlookers, asking for help. “He’s about to run over a man,” she yelled. And she yelled more, part of it unprintable. Do you think she might have been partying already?

Reps have, so far, not returned calls. The whole ugly scene would be totally swept under a road sign, except for the pictures. There is Vanessa, smoking, followed by Vanessa—looking somewhat underdressed—running. In one more shot, she reaches inside a car.

Next time, Vanessa, think of adding a tank and a mini or something, to your outfit. And smoking is bad for your health, not to mention your Disney image. This is way beyond the recent pics of her, biking in high platform heels, with no helmet. Fans, stay tuned.

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