Vanessa Hudgens Enjoys Single Life—in Retail Therapy

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Vanessa Hudgens is enjoying life. She’s free of boyfriend attachments, free of active movie-filming, and she’s free to spend her afternoons shopping with her gal-pals, driving them to the mall in her new Audi s5, reports Celebrity-Gossip. She’s also free to wear what she wants, even if it’s a tank-top-type sleeveless blouse over a droopy pink hippy skirt and flip-flops. Oops! No celeb is ever quite that free.

No matter. Vanessa Hudgens always looks like a star, even with her newly cropped hair (for her role in Gimme Shelter, which has now wrapped.) It’s not the dark-haired beauty’s best look, but change is generally good. Certainly the paparazzi recognized her. There are Vanessa-sightings all over the internet. But everyone was so busy taking photos, they forgot to check out what she and her girlfriends bought. A pair of designer jeans or some cute little shorts? Hair extensions? Maybe platform Louboutins? Wait—let’s not get carried away.

Vanessa Hudgens has been busy this year, filming Sucker Punch and Gimme Shelter. Both are stark portrayals of women in gritty situations. The actress deserves some kick-back time. Everyone knows women—most women, anyway—get an energy and/or a mood charge from shopping. That’s why they call it “retail therapy”.

“It is important to love yourself,” Vanessa says. “It is fun to look at cute guys. I like being single. I feel that I have all the time for myself.” Yes, most fans would agree she is lucky to get a block of free time like this. So, naturally, she is making the most of it, and heading off shopping with her friends. Shop on!

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